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When you think of Prince, three things probably come immediately to mind – incredible music, the color purple, and his hometown of Minneapolis. SoundAround’s Prince tour in Minneapolis and its surrounding suburbs tells the story of not simply a remarkable, outsize talent, but also how he is inextricably linked to the story of this city – both physically and conceptually. Minneapolis and its suburbs shaped Prince’s life and work, providing him the space and opportunity to flourish as an artist. This is evident at every level, from Prince’s commitment to hiring local musicians to the frequent callouts to his hometown in his music and his choice to live and work here through most his life.

Prince Tour in Minneapolis

SoundAround’s Prince tour reveals the places that made the artist and where he learned the components of various musical genres that he used to create his own, The Minneapolis Sound. It will take you to the places where he honed his crafts, from studio engineering to songwriting and performance; plus to where he lived, learned, and played. We will take you to Prince’s childhood homes, schools, church, and performance spaces in Minneapolis’s Northside and Southside neighborhoods.

It highlights places that Prince made special, such as the Purple Rain house, and the places that Prince made, including clubs, stores, and performance locations. We will explore Prince’s ultimate placemaking and the location of the fulfilment of his utopian ideals, Paisley Park, charting its history and what it means today, as people visit his former home and studios for guided tours and gather for annual celebrations of his life. We’ll also take you to see the numerous murals, statues, and other dedications that have poured out of artists since his untimely passing. 

SoundAround tells the story of Prince and Minneapolis with deep respect and love for both. Our tour developers and guides have carried out exhaustive research to correctly identify Prince places. We believe the story of Prince and his connection to his beloved, but sometimes troubled, hometown is a vital part of our history and culture, plus a critical story of music and Black history in America that should be celebrated and preserved. 

The Estate of Prince Rogers Nelson is not affiliated, associated, or connected with SoundAround nor has it endorsed or sponsored SoundAround and this Prince tour. Further, the Estate of Prince Rogers Nelson has not licensed any of its intellectual property to the owners of SoundAround and its Prince tour.