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SoundAround on Funkatopia Live

SoundAround founders join Funkatopia Live to talk music history and Prince Celebration

It may be a few weeks till we launch the SoundAround app and our first tours, but as founders of this new music tour experience, Kristen and I have lots of news to share. So it was great for the guys at Funkatopia – the funk radio station, to invite us onto their latest Funkatopia Live event.

Mr Christopher and Jeff Paige put in the work with a two hour livestream covering off a lot of questions and discussion points about this year’s Prince Celebration being held at the musician’s former recording studios and home, Paisley Park, near Minneapolis this June.

As Celebration regulars (I’ve made the trip from the UK to go to every one since 2017), we were only too happy to contribute a little of our experience too. However, the guys really got us onto the show to talk about SoundAround and our Prince tour and The Minneapolis Sound tour that will be launching in May.

It was so great to chat to them, answer their questions and those from people tuned into the livestream, and also to hear from those of you that are already adding one of our audio tours into your trip itinerary.

Though, as we explained on the show, that’s the beauty of our tours – they give you the freedom to fit the tour into your schedule, as and when you wish. It’s a unique concept, but with city trips – and more so, music pilgrimages like Celebration – packed with things to do, and plenty of partying to be had, SoundAround tours give you the chance to make the most of your time and customise your trip as you wish.

But what is SoundAround?

It’s a unique concept so check out our brief explainer video below if you want to know more about how it works.

If you’re going to be at Prince Celebration in June, do come and say hello to Kristen and me – we love nothing more than meeting fellow purple fam. And we hope you take a tour and have a fantastic time in the Twin Cities!