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From Nashville to New York, London to Liverpool, these great music cities have intoxicated our souls with their sounds.

Every city has its music scene, and hitting up a few bars with music –traditional or trendy; be it jazz, rock or blues – can often be a part of any city break. But not every metropolis is a true music city. When we refer to music cities here on SoundAround, we’re talking about cities with a genre-defining heritage. We’re looking at you New Orleans, Memphis, Minneapolis, Detroit, Seattle, Manchester (yes, I said it, Manchester, in the UK – bear with us we’ll get that guide up soon!). We’re also going to be highlighting those that have shaped the lives of our most beloved musicians – so you can expect posts on Liverpool, LA, Berlin and many more.

We will be bringing you music tours on all the best music capitals of the world on the SoundAround app, plus explorations of the lives and times of artists who spent a considerable amount of time in a city, or had career defining moments in a certain place.

But here on the blog, you will find music-based city guides, stories about their music scene today, as well, of course, as an exploration of their history and the culture that made them critical to the story of popular music in the 20th and 21st centuries.

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